Women's rights are human rights. Men in Congress could do more for women policy issues, but they aren't. Less than 1/3 of Congressmembers are women, leaving critical decisions, including those controlling women's bodies, left to predominantly men. Electing me would put one more woman in the House who would prioritize the needs of cisgender and transgender women alike with every decision made. 


I support:

 1. Robust reproductive healthcare options

  • The proportion of expecting or new mothers who die during or shortly after their pregnancies (maternal mortality) is way too high in the U.S. and is disproportionately high for Black women. The sexism, racism, and medical practices informing these numbers must be addressed to save mothers across Virginia and the entire country.

  • Pregnant people deserve access to information about their options such as parenting, adopting, and aborting, as well as legal protection to pursue the healthcare services that best meet their needs. When pregnant people can safely get the information and care that they need, they are empowered to choose what is best for their bodies and therefore have better health outcomes.

  • Education about sex and consent, access to contraceptives, and strong accountability for sexual violence are all worth investing in to shape a future with a more sex-positive culture and fewer undesired pregnancies.


2. Affordable, high-quality child care access

  • While child care is not a woman-specific issue, this important responsibility often falls on women to manage in addition to their careers. This is unfair to everyone involved. More must be done to provide children with adequate care. 

3. Equal pay for equal work

  • According to Pew Research Center Analysis, women earned 84% of what men earned in 2020. Sexism-driven financial inequality holds women back from their potential to gain fair earnings and the flexibility that comes with that, whether that means choosing the healthier grocery item or leaving an abusive relationship. Women deserve to be compensated at equal rates as men for comparable work. Doing so will benefit women and, therefore, strengthen communities and stimulate the entire U.S. economy. 


Victoria has committed to running
a fully grassroots-funded campaign.