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As Democrats, we are largely aligned ideologically, but we have some key differences, including:

1. Identity and aspiration — I am a young woman who is the daughter of immigrants. I am a multilingual Latina-Asian American who is well aware of both struggle and opportunity in the U.S. I was born and raised in Northern Virginia and am deeply familiar with the common challenges of this community. I am bringing voices to the table, including my own, that have otherwise been underrepresented in the political process and in Congress. Overall, I am a more progressive candidate who will literally "walk the walk" when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

2. Professional background — I started my career in the tech industry, giving me an invaluable perspective on the role technology has in the government and how important it is to keep it in check (i.e., data privacy, algorithms promoting misinformation, etc.).

3. Student loan debt — In a recent candidate forum, both Beyer and I were asked how much student loan debt should be excused: Biden's proposed $10K or $50K? Beyer said he supports excusing only $10K and then "we'll see from there." I believe we should cancel $50K, because student debt is debilitating for too many Americans. 

4. Money in politics — I am deeply concerned with members of Congress using privileged information to enrich themselves. Beyer is one of 35 politicians who beat the S&P 500 and is known to be one of the top 20 wealthiest members of Congress. I believe that Congress shouldn't be in the business of trading stocks because it's unethical and unfair. Additionally, I do not and will not accept corporate PAC money — something that Beyer has done regularly.

5. Beyer is an insider He has the support of the party establishment fundraising machine including endorsements of Nancy Pelosi. I am fighting to gain the support of the people, not the powerful fundraising institutions, not the powerful leaders in the party establishment. It’s nothing personal, but I am not going to D.C. to climb the careerist ladder. I am going there to represent the will of my community.

6. I am a force for real change — My opponent was famously bullied into supporting Medicare for All by the Democratic Socialists of America. It is undoubtedly a good thing that he has come around to supporting Medicare for All, but that isn’t enough. This isn’t the time to have representatives that test the political winds and sometimes fold under pressure to support progressive ideas; it is the time to support a candidate who has her own bold progressive vision and will fight for it relentlessly.


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