Outdated policies that have historically and systemically excluded people of color from economic opportunities, subjected them to discrimination and a racist criminal justice system, and denied them basic rights have got to go. Many institutions in our country are systemically racist, and we continue to feel their unfair impacts today.

For example:

  • The poverty rate for Black Americans is 20.7% compared to 8.1% for white Americans

  • 73.7% of white Americans are homeowners vs. only 48.9% of Latinx Americans and 44% of Black Americans

  • Hate crimes against Asian Americans rose 73% in 2020

  • The poverty rate for Native Americans is 25%, which is over 3 times that of white Americans

  • 32.9% of prisoners in America are Black and 23.3% are Latinx, despite Black people only making up 12.3% of the population and Latinx people 18.3%

  • Latinx Americans are exposed to 63% more pollution than they produce; Black Americans are exposed to 56% more; white Americans are exposed to 17% less


These realities are simply unacceptable. I believe that fundamental change is required to right these wrongs. As a bi-racial American and daughter of immigrants, I have seen racism and its harmful effects firsthand and that is why I will continue to fight hard for justice and equality.


I support:

 1. Social spending to address the link between race and class

  • Medicare for All

  • $18 minimum wage and indexed to inflation

  • Extending the child tax credit

  • Introducing a wealth tax on the ultra-rich

  • Expanding affordable housing


2. Increased educational opportunities for communities of color

  • Increasing ethnic studies in school

  • Universal Pre-K, child care, and paid family leave

  • Increasing school funding for disadvantaged communities

  • Student loan forgiveness

  • Free college tuition for all

3. Mitigating environmental racism

  • Mandating that congressional committees creating laws addressing climate change must receive a report and hear testimony from experts on environmental racism.

  • Creating and funding government-wide standards for measuring and reporting implementation of environmental racial justice impact evaluations for all projects.

  • Evaluating local air pollution and fund solutions such as increasing air quality monitoring and building more green spaces.


4. Criminal justice reform

  • End the war on drugs

    • Legalizing marijuana and decriminalizing other drugs

    • Treating addiction as a mental health issue and expanding access to drug rehabilitation services

    • Blocking major corporations from profiting off of marijuana legalization, and instead giving those opportunities to the communities of color that were disproportionately affected by the war on drugs

    • Releasing all federal non-violent possession-related drug offenders and expunging their criminal records

  • Restructuring the police system to divert money toward social workers who are better suited to respond to mental health crises

  • De-escalation training for police

  • Abolishing private prisons and ending mass incarceration

  • Increasing penalties for hate crimes

  • Banning no-knock warrants

  • Requiring and funding police officers to wear body cameras

  • No-tolerance policies that would immediately fire police officers found guilty of racial discrimination

  • Investigating deaths at local jails with a publicly-published report including recommended actions to mitigate future deaths and mistreatment

5. Voting rights

  • Blocking Republican efforts to restrict access to voting and gerrymander our districts

  • Making Election Day a national holiday or guarantee paid leave to vote


Victoria has committed to running
a fully grassroots-funded campaign.