We live in an extremely wealthy country, with one of the most developed economies in the world. So why is it that over 27 million Americans do not have healthcare? The system that we have now is not working. Privatized healthcare is bankrupting citizens, forcing sick individuals to pay unaffordable prices for indispensable medicines, procedures, and care. 


The federal government needs to step up and provide quality health insurance that cuts the costs for healthcare and makes sure that the patient, not the pharmaceutical or insurance company, is put first.

I support:

 1. Medicare for All for all citizens and green card holders

  • No matter who you are, what occupation you hold, or where you live, you deserve affordable healthcare. There is no reason that our nation’s billionaires should have high-quality care and access to world-renowned specialists while a hard-working middle class family breaks the bank trying to buy life-saving insulin.

  • Older adults in the U.S. deserve better access to quality healthcare. I support the expansion of Medicaid Home and Community Based Services and stronger accountability standards for nursing homes. 


2. Centralization of medical licenses at the federal level

  • Facilitate the delivery of telemedicine across the U.S. by any provider at any time

  • If COVID-19 has shown us anything, it is the fragility of a privatized, decentralized medical care system. From mental healthcare to general medical check-ups, medical care needs to be accessible anywhere, anytime.

  • By centralizing medical licenses, we can expand access to quality healthcare to rural and urban areas and make sure that our citizens are being taken care of no matter where they live. 


3. Affordable medical school

  • Medical schools need to be more affordable, or free and open to any deserving students

  • Excessive tuition means that students who have the intelligence and work ethic to become our nation’s next generation of life-saving medical care workers are denied that opportunity simply because they cannot afford it. Smart students who want to help people should not have to face over $250K of debt in order to do so. 

4. Lower prescription drug costs

  • Americans pay more for prescription drugs than anyone in the world. Forcing Americans to choose between grocery bills and essential medications is entirely unacceptable, and rising pharmaceutical company profits at the expense of the American citizen add insult to injury. 

  • We must crack down on the rampant abuse of the patent and regulatory system and make sure that both brand name and generic prescription drug costs are regulated and reigned in. 

5. Increasing funding for mental health services

  • Mental healthcare is an essential health service, and ensuring there are low barriers to accessing mental health services is crucial. When I decided to seek therapy, I was shocked to find how difficult it was. The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the American mental health crisis, and many of us have found ourselves isolated and alone, in need of mental health services. 

  • When someone is struggling and makes that decision to seek help, they should be able to access mental health services with a simple click of a button. Instead, many of us find ourselves today searching tirelessly, bouncing from referral to referral, lost in the red tape of privatized mental healthcare. 

  • The federal government has the ability to change that. They must regulate these systems and providers, providing funding for services and supporting research and innovation. 


Victoria has committed to running
a fully grassroots-funded campaign.