Being a Security Fellow for the Truman National Security Project, and having grown up in Virginia’s 8th, I have come to understand the importance of U.S. foreign policy in advancing democracy, human rights, prosperity, and security here at home and abroad. I believe in international engagement and development through diplomacy first, and that our veterans deserve better — better healthcare, better social services, and better investment in their education and opportunities when they return from serving for our country.


I support:

 1. Maintaining a smart, strategic, and accountable national security presence

  • We need to support our military and their efforts to advance democracy and security across the globe. The military, and our legislators, need to place human rights, justice, and peace at the front of our mind when we make foreign policy decisions.

  • We need to maintain appropriate oversight of the Department of Defense to ensure accountability and transparency of our federal defense budget.

2. Facilitating the international vaccination effort

  • In order to stop the spread of COVID-19, the world needs to get vaccinated. We need a global vaccination strategy that quickly, and equitably, ensures that members of the world, no matter their country of origin, have access to the COVID-19 vaccine. 

3. Expanding social services and support for our veterans

  • Virginia’s 8th is home to tens of thousands of veterans, service members, and people employed in defense-related jobs. Our government needs to do more to help our veterans.

  • We need to stand up for veterans’ healthcare

    • My policy platform supports Medicare for All. This includes our honored veterans

    • Our veterans need quality healthcare, including access to expanded mental health services

  • We need to end veteran homelessness

    • It is entirely unacceptable that someone who has served for our country and fought for our freedom should return to their country without a home. We need to provide unconditional, affordable, and stable housing for our veterans. 

  • We need to invest in veterans and help them succeed in civilian life. This includes providing veterans with the education and job opportunities that they need to thrive in civilian life.


Victoria has committed to running
a fully grassroots-funded campaign.